5 x 1000

Support us through the 5×1000 with a voluntary donation

With your 5×1000 to Argentina per il Mondo, you can make a difference: CF 91165280404. On your tax return sign in “Sostegno del volontariato …” and indicate the tax code of Argentina per il Mondo: 91165280404

The State has decided to donate a part of the contributions it receives each year from the tax return to the realities that stand out in the social sphere. This year you can choose to support the projects that Argentina per il Mondo carries out simply by allocating 5 x 1000 of the taxes. Without ANY EXTRA COST.

How we use the donations

Among the activities that we support thanks to the 5×1000 is the support to the Italian language school with scholastic material for the study and economic contribution to the teachers; We help offering clothing and food to those in need in the community; multimedia material at our headquarters at the service of members, and reinforcement for more projects of the association.