The Argentina Per Il Mondo Association was born with the intention of welcoming the Italian descendants from the all over the world in order to facilitate the ascertainment of their Italian citizenship and to help them resolve their social and cultural integration needs.

On a background of cooperation and solidarity, the Association works towards nourishing communication of its members to one another and to society, being itself a beacon for intercultural dialogue and the instruction of the Italian language and culture, while preserving and embracing at the same time the Argentine uses and traditions.



The “Argentina Per Il Mondo” Association was born on March 2017, but its beginnings go way back in time. In the words of Mariano Russo, President of the Association:

Back in 2001, shortly before the great economical crisis unleashed in Argentina (the «corralito», the devaluation of the peso, the high unemployment rates…), I was working as manager on the «Fiammetta» hotel in the city of Rimini. Back then the Argentine recession propelled a strong migratory flow towards Italy, of which Rimini hadn’t been spared.

Many fellow Argentines arrived into the city without even a reference point, and sooner or later local people would tell the newly arrived to go to «the hotel of the Argentine guy». That’s how I begun to take interest on the many integration related problems: health care, work and citizenship. That’s how little by little a small community was created -it was called «», which provided assistance voluntarily and non for profit.

On mid-2016 a new wave of Argentine migrants of Italian descent started arriving to the peninsula with the clear goal of processing their citizenship and then reside in Europe. The amount of people exceeded widely the numbers from the previous flow -that’s why I decided to put into practice the experience I had gained through all those years, and along with a group of people we decided to create an Association in order to provide an assertive response to this demand. It was born on March 21st 2017, and it was called “Argentina Per Il Mondo”.


Currently “Argentina Per Il Mondo” Association not only welcomes, counsels and stands by the many Argentines that arrive to Italy to request the ascertainment of their Italian citizenship by descent. It also generates and takes part in a variety of activities aimed towards promoting the integration of members into the community.

Voluntary Work

Through collaborations with Caritas, the Rimini Diocese, Rimini Rescue, Arcobaleno, Africa Mia and other charity groups, the Association offers voluntary work programs in benefit of both the associate and the community, promoting integration and pursuit of common well-being. It is also a way in which associates can retribute the Riminese community for their acceptance and acknowledgement.


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