One of the main activities of Argentina Per Il Mondo Association is to provide guidance and assistance to its associates throughout the process of attribution of citizenship by descent (“Iure Sanguinis”) in Italy. We stand by them step by step all the way through, since their arrival to Rimini, during the application for citizenship, and on their integration with the community.


Time. While the Italian citizenship by descent can be claimed in any country through consular way, the process may take over five years until its completion. A request submitted directly in Italy instead takes much less time from the moment the documentation is presented.

Roots. Processing your citizenship in Italy gives you the chance to get close to the land of your origins and to know its culture, to visit your ancestors’ hometowns and even maybe get reunited with some relatives.

Opportunity. For those who intend to reside in Europe, a door-opening land filled with opportunities to promise oneself a better future.

Learn all the requirements to claim the Italian citizenship by descent in Italy reading this document (in Spanish), issued by the Rimini Comune.

If you have doubts about the documentation to be submitted or on your particular situation, check out our frequently asked questions or contact us via Whatsapp at (+39) 328 101 4969.


Welcoming of the associate

Having coordinated previously the time of arrival to Rimini, one representative of the Association will pick up the associate and take them to the assigned housing. Once there they’ll fill up together the affiliation form, which makes the Association able to manage the citizenship process, and then the associate will read and sign the house regulations. After that, the representative will organize the associate’s personal documentation and the certificates to be presented before the Comune on the previously appointed date.


The Association will assist its members on the following processes, which are esential to the ascertainment of Italian citizenship by descent «Iure Sanguinis»:

  • Request of Codice Fiscale at the Agenzia delle Entrate
  • Presentation of the documentation before the the Rimini Comune, with a €16 stamp (marca da bollo)
  • Residence setting

Services included

  • Accompaniment on a vehicle provided by the Association to each office where citizenship processes get made.
  • Accomodation with all expenses included -water, electricity, waste collection, gas, wi-fi, final cleaning and condominial fees. The accomodation is bound to the ending of the citizenship process.
  • Counseling on every aspect related to the stay in Italy (procedures, work, social services, etc.)
  • Free lessons of Italian language. In order to facilitate the residence process, we strongly advice to sign up to courses and voluntary work events organized by the Association and/or other institutions.

You can read and download here the Association’s Services Guide (in Spanish).


All houses and appartments the Association makes available for setting residence are composed of two or three rooms plus kitchen and bathroom and are fully equipped, including bed clothing. They are located on spots from where there’s easy access to the bus lines that take you to every major landmark in town.

Keep in mind:

  • The Association does not hold responsibility for possible errors on the documentation to be presented nor for its rejection by the Comune.
  • Timings until conclusion of the ascertainment of citizenship may vary from one process to the other, given that they depend of a multiplicity of factors out of the Association’s reach.
  • Processings related to the associate’s personal legal situation, declaration of presence, stay permit, etc., are not included among the services provided by the Association.

Additional services:

  • Declaration of presence
  • Translations
  • Certifications request
  • Certifications search
  • Documentation pick up (certifications, passport, ID card, etc.)
  • International shipment
  • Stay permit («Permesso di Soggiorno»)

Documentation for reference